1. Goin' out west (Tom Waits) 2. Hate and jeslousy (Jack Richway) 3. He don't remember (Jeff Smith) 4. Heartattack and vine (Tom Waits) 5. Jockey full of bourbon (Tom Waits) 6. Pocket full of cool (Jeff Smith) 7. Tom Waits DJ (Down by law) 8. Tom Waits weather (Down by law) 9. Uncle Joe Jazz (Ruha Joe) 10. Underneath the Buuker (REM) 11. Ebonomics (Roshi) 12. Pathagorys kills (Jeff Smith) 13. Prolitaviste Melodica (Roshi) 14. John Lurie (Down by law) 15. In the limo (Jeff Smith)

Clap Hands (Raw prima vista with band)
Goin' out west (Man/Sax/Guitar/Screaming)
Jesus gonna be here (Man/Sax/Guitar)
I hope that I don't fall in love with you (Man/Sax/Guitar)
No one knows I'm gone (Man/Guitar)

All songs written by Tom Waits except No one knows I'm gone and
Goin' out west by Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan