After watching everything that has happened while I was here in Eastern Europe--911, 2001-2004 with the Bush government terrorizing the world I started putting together fragments of sampled music and political propaganda from CNN viewed from my flat in Hungary.

A sound collage emerged and became quite successful with making my friends laugh or sit shocked on the couch. Although, I have produced several audio programs for college radio and got interested in the work of DJs calling themselves Negativland out of Berkeley California, I never thought too much about it, but as sound collage. After seeing Bush on TV every day and night I decided to do something similar with the CNN propaganda we were being fed since September 11, 2001.

I encouraged Anna to try out the sound collage style and she produced very remarkable tracks like Terminator 2004 and No Child Left Behind. She had never used the old tape recorders used in the 1980s to do similar things, but the method was similar although done on computers. It takes a lot of time to cut up a word salad.

2.Be happy
4.War on terror
5.Weapons o mas disyraction
6.Terminator 2004
7.George W. Bush
8.No child left behind